Friday Finds #58 Ethics and a Beautiful Pianoforte



Wow, what an incredibly beautiful late 19th-century pianoforte | A Piano that Survived the Wrecking Ball Now a Time Machine to NY’s Gilded Age.



After 5 years of not using a mousepad with my studio desktop, and wearing off the top of my (luckily cheap) desk, I realized I should probably get a mouse pad. Isn’t it cute? I’m a sucker for teal.



Bombs found in a piano (and a Loney Tunes addendum).



My students think these Palomino pencils with the adjustable/extendable eraser are super cool, so I finally added them (individually, not as a pack) to the prize box. I warned them they weren’t cheap so one individual pencil is one of my higher priced items!



He doesn’t post often, but Chad Twedt always makes me crane my neck and go “hmm…” | Ethical Concerns with Online Conferences.



Amazon Prime Day is July 11 – apparently, there are always pretty big savings opportunities!



Whitney shares ways to keep your creativity alive in Creativity for Piano Teachers.



How Space Influences what We Buy on Becoming Minimalist.



I’m going to wrap up this week’s finds with 3 of my favorite items that are integral to my cool refreshing summer drinks.

First up – STRAWBERRY Perrier (sparkling water, naturally sweetened, 0 calories, 0 sugar, 100% yummy.

Next up, a hand-held electric milk frother to make iced coffee. Any extra brewed coffee we have, I put on the stove top on low for about 10-12 minutes depending on how much there is, to concentrate it. I then store it in a ball jar in the refrigerator. My recipe? 50-60% glass full of coffee, 1/2-1 tsp. white sugar, froth with the whisk (it gets frothier if you do it mostly on the top). Add ice cubes and top off the glass with milk.

Last but not least is a stainless steel koozie. While I’m happy to use it for a nice cold Yuengling Light Lager, I mostly use it for my skinny little Perrier sparkling water cans! LOL.


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