Friday Finds #44 Carpet Squares and Vegemite



Carpet Squares. I went to my local carpet store and asked if they had old samples they needed to get off their hands. They were happy to sell them to me for $1 each. I purchased 25. My original intent was to hand them out to families to use as bench “prop-ups.” Layering several of them is a perfect way to boost a little kiddo up on the bench without beeing too “cushy.” I just store them under a table in the studio.

While I haven’t gotten around to distributing to families yet, I HAVE found a use in my studio! They’re PERFECT for group classes – mostly for the little ones. I plop the rug down EXACTLY where I want them to sit for activities whether it’s a half circle for performances/listening, or a circle for a game. They love having their own spot.

A recent class discovered they like making their own “stage” when they do their music/movement using John Freierabend’s “Move It!” Video’s (which I recommended in a previous find). They’re wonderful movement activities set to Classical Music and the kids LOVE them – they always ask to do “one more.”



“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.”
―Ruthie Lindsey

This quote was perfect to share in light of one of my most recent reads. After seeing it recommended by 88 Piano Keys, I just finished Wonder by J. Palacio.

This children’s book isn’t just for children, as it can help adults understand not only how kids think, but see how life might be experienced by one who’s “different.” This book will now go on my studio lending library book shelf.

Back to the quote above. Speaking beauty to people when you see it is something I try to do often. You just can’t be worried about feeling silly or awkward. I’ve been known to tell strangers their hair is awesome or their skin looks amazing. Not once has anyone ever looked at me weird – what do we all naturally do? We get a smile on our face at the surprise compliment (especially if it’s something no one has ever said to them before). I do the same for my students. “Ooh, I love your earrings,” “Those shoes look fun!” “You got your hair cut, nice!” “Thank you for brightening my day with your smile.” I don’t care who it is, I try to find something to tell them that’s beautiful about them at that moment. What do I get in return? Always a smile – always.



Australian educator Tim Topham has started a new Facebook Live Series called Repertoire Rap where he recommends and demonstrates contemporary sheet music options. The first video was “Cool pop music arrangements that actually sounds good” and the second was “Film and new age music that teens and adults love.”



This wasn’t planned but while we’re on the topic of Australia…well, KIND OF on the topic…I just found out Vegemite isn’t the original “yeasty spread.” Really?! First of all, for those of you wondering, Vegemite is Australia’s “Peanut Butter and Jelly.” It’s a dark, salty-yeasty product Aussies eat spread on crackers or as a sandwich lightly spread between two pieces of bread with a little butter (I think). We were by no means Vegemite eaters when we lived there but we did give it a shot. I conjured up an old pic from 2006 when one of Drew’s nieces mailed us a Flat Stanley for a class project. One of Flat Stanley’s experience in Oz included trying Vegemite (which he wasn’t too crazy about by the way:-)


Have you ever tried Vegemite?


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