Friday Finds #3



Do you ever feel you’ve gotten off your rhythm of cooking at home? Perhaps your family has had a week where you’ve had something going on every night and you’ve had to rely on a 15-year old in a drive-through… or perhaps you’ve been at a conference for the last 5 days (like a recent MTNA in San Antonio! 🙂 and haven’t touched foot in your kitchen for a week. We all have days or periods in life where we have to outsource our food. Marisa and Joy share a little on how we can get back into our happy places in the kitchen.



One of the sessions I attended this past week was Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child? by Wendy Stevens. One way I try to remember the child in me is by what Julie Knerr would call in one of her 152 Teaching Strategies “personification.” That is, personifying their fingers, “Oh, Mr. Thumb, you’re just not cooperating today, are you? You must be really sleepy because you keep laying down!” I guarantee this elicits nothing but smiles and giggles from students. Andrea Dow shares similar thoughts in How I Use Imaginative Play to Win Over Challenging Piano Students. Don’t be afraid to be silly!



While we’re still on the topic, one necessity for all those long conference days and really on any given day, is comfortable shoes. I was fed-up with my thin-as-a-popsicle-stick ballet flats with no support which did nothing but hurt my feet (even though they were cute, of course). I decided at the last minute I had to break down and get something that would be nicer on my feet. I found the Tami Ballet Flat by Born at Von Maur and they were totally worth the price of three pairs of cheap shoes. They have some arch support and are made of soft leather so your toes still have freedom to wiggle. They allow my feet to breathe, are simple, versatile, and comfortable. I wore them nearly every day this week.



As I was unpacking and doing laundry, I was listening to Michael Hyatt talk about 8 lessons we can learn about leadership from the Symphony Orchestra. I love this! I especially love #3: Be visible so everyone can see you (like the conductor). Whether it’s as a leader or as a business owner, we need to make ourselves visible both online and offline.



Coming off my session I just gave this week on the Wild West of Marketing, “marketing” had been on in my brain. Hitting spot on, Canva Design School Blog did a fun post on the ABC’s of Facebook Marketing. Each letter is a short, easy-to-read snippet on understanding Facebook a little better.



Are you an Essentialist? Do you know how to achieve more by doing less?  I’m already reading Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Sharon Mark-Teggart shares three strong impacts the books has already had on her as a piano teacher.



Seth Godin comments and gives a run-down on the 5 Ted Talk’s he’s given thus far. I’m sure I have seen them all!

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