Friday Finds #264



Rosemarie Penner’s Unfinished Lesson blog got a remodel and is now Must Love Music



I’ve tried several Sleep Masks over the years, but my latest is hands down the best I’ve ever used. I am a light sleeper, and every night that I wear these, I swear I have slept more deeply than ever. They are incredibly comfortable and fit the nose and face just right.



Best Printers and Paper for Piano Teachers (Colourful Keys)



A 19-Foot Piano with the Longest Bass String (The Music Man)



I feel like it’s been a while since I shared some recommended recipes here on Friday Finds. It’s time to catch up!

Currently making once a week for lunch with Trader Joe’s pre-cooked brown rice: Chili Crisp Fried Eggs

We’re not normally pasta eaters, but I have two pasta-based recipes to highly recommend:

This first one sounds crazy, but Napolitan Japanese Ketchup Pasta is really easy and incredibly tasty.

Make yourself a few days of lunch with this creamy and delicious Thai Chicken Pasta Salad.

Sweet and Savory Shared Brussels Sprouts Salad is perfect for this time of year as we close out summer and enter autumn. It makes a pretty good size salad, so be prepared to make it for 6-8 people or halve the recipe for less.



Interested in some ideas on what to make for lunch? Listen to Episode 81 – What’s for Lunch of The Piano Pantry Podcast.



Easy Piano Lead Sheets and Chord Charts by Olivia Ellis and Davis Dorrough



New podcast!! The Piano Sensei Way by Clinton Pratt



I’ve been needing to invest in some larger storage containers. While I have a couple of different nice 8-cup ones, I really needed some larger sizes. After scouting out what’s out there, I ended up on these fabulous Sterlite 16-Cup Plastic Storage Containers. On Amazon, one container was $15, but there was also a set of four for $30, so… yeah, I now have four large containers!



The Best Way to Clean a Dishwasher

I’m looking forward to trying this and hopefully stop buying dishwasher cleaner tablets.



A new collection of improvisational stories and rote piano pieces that are worth checking out!


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