Friday Finds #18 A Piano Crosswalk and Rainbow Lattes



I’m heading to Boston a week from Sunday for a 2-week training seminar with GIML (Gordon Institute for Musical Learning) and Music Moves with Marilyn Lowe, the only piano method created around Music Learning Theory. Tim’s podcast with Marilyn was perfect timing! 



I found this episode of Freakonomics Radio on the Internet quite interesting. It’s something we spend a lot of our lives on so why not learn a little more about how it works?



My new favorite snack: Harvest Snaps Baked Lentil Bean Crisps: Onion Thyme. They totally taste like Funyons but are WAY healthier at 120 calories for 22 pieces. Yummo.



A city nearby recently painted a crosswalk as piano keys to mark the location where the Packard Piano and Organ Company once stood. Let’s do more things like this in our communities!



I am a user. A user of Amazon. Even better, I am a user of Amazon Prime. Amen. An incredible photo tour of Amazon. Talk about insanity.



A barista in Brisbane, Australia is making art with her Rainbow Lattes. Beautiful, but who would want to drink all that food coloring?



You totally have to watch this two-minute video on The Weirdest Most Magical Egg We’ve Ever Seen. My jaw dropped – it was totally not what I expected! I’ve never seen anything like it. The lady doing the video stated exactly what I was thinking even before they cracked it open. “That poor chicken!”



I had no idea! Do you know Why There’s A Hole in the Center of Your Spaghetti Spoon?


It’s 11:15 pm and today was my last day of summer lessons. My 2nd annual studio picnic and performance was this evening in a local outdoor pavilion. It’s always a fun, casual time for studio families to gather together.

There are no lessons in my studio for the next three weeks and here’s what’s on my agenda:

  • Wrapping up my new studio website.
  • Setting up registration for current students online for the first time.
  • Putting together my year-end video to be included in my registration email.
  • Catching up on doctors appointments.
  • Prepping meals for the freezer for the hubby while I’m gone for two weeks in August.
  • Preparing myself and looking through materials for my upcoming training.
  • Making and canning homemade chicken stock. Beats the best store-bought stuff ever time.
  • Thinking through my first week of lessons so I can get a music order placed and here in time.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Read.

What do you when your studio is “shut down?”

Ciao for now!




  • Great post, Amy! I would love to know more about the GIML seminar you’re attending. It’s too late for me to go this year but would like to try for next. Hope you’ll write about your experiences and what you learn!

    • Sure will! Unfortunately, I don’t think the training is offered every year in the U.S. but I could be wrong!

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