Friday Finds #173

Health, Care, and Comfort

A new month has arrived and with it, blades of green grass are popping through.

Earth is ready to rejuvenate itself as the season propels forward. Our lives may not feel the same as we sit in limbo, but we can allow the new season and fresh air to energize that which may feel stagnant, and brighten that which may feel dark.

It’s Thursday – four days into online lessons and here’s the range of emotions I’ve experienced in the last 4 days:

Monday and Tuesday…I love online lessons! This is actually not bad at all. Hmm… maybe I should consider moving my studio online full time!

Wednesday…Get me out of here now! I still have two more students. I can’t do this! 7 hours on Zoom and my throat hurt and I wanted to crawl out of my office.

Thursday morning…Anxiety attack. On the verge of tears but I manage to hold them back. I can’t do this again, I can’t go through this day if it’s anything like yesterday.

An hour later…OK, the internet is better today. Maybe it will be OK after all. Breathe, Amy.

Three hours later…Oh, look at that beautiful blue sky – so thankful for the small joys like this. Life isn’t so bad. I’m keepin’ it positive!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little bi-polar this week. This too shall pass.

It all comes down to…internet connection. If it’s bad, online lessons suck the life out of you. If it’s good, it feels like the coolest thing in the world.

Breathe in – I can do this. Breathe out – we’re all in it together. 

Breathe in – I can do this. Breathe out – we’re all in it together.

May this list serve as a little part of your week that helps emote a sense of consistency and routine. Take what you need for this week and think nothing of the rest.



Back in October, Natalie Weber wrote a blog post announcing a new pilates program she had joined and was loving. Last month I decided I needed a new workout routine so I dug up her affiliate link and joined.

She highlighted it again this past week along with some other great resources:

Taking Care of Your Health as a Piano Teacher with Virtual Resources (Natalie Weber | Music Matters Blog)



10 Products to Make Your Online Teaching More Comfortable (Amy Chaplin | Piano Pantry)



Piano student care packages. The best. (Rebekah Maxner)



How to listen to podcasts: A 101 Primer (Tsh Oxenreider | The Art of Simple)



Three Activities for Online Music Lessons (Lauren Lewandowski | Piano with Lauren)



Online Piano Lesson Games and Activities Part 1 (Whitney Hawker | 4-D Piano Teaching)



Jonathan Roberts on Virtual Recitals for Students (Joy Morin | Color in My Piano)



Wash the Next Dish (Chris Wheeler | The Rabbit Room)



The Calm Place (The New York Times)



The Side Effects of Social Distancing (Freakonomics Podcast)



Do-Re-Mi COVID-19 Style



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