Friday Finds #171

Spring Goodness

How are you feeling, my friends?

I’m guessing there’s a good chance one side of you is sick and tired of hearing about all of this and another side is wanting to stay abreast of the news.

I do hope if anything, we all continue to do our part no matter how big or small that may seem. Stay informed, make good decisions, keep calm, and enjoy the sense of community in all of this as we all live through a (likely and hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime type of pandemic.

On the bright side? Yesterday was the first day of Spring (the earliest in 124 years apparently)!

Let’s use the new season as an opportunity to a deep breath of fresh Spring air and look at all we can in a positive light.






If you’re a member of Music Teacher’s National Association, you’re about to be in for a big treat! The 2020 conference in Chicago that was supposed to go on next starting tomorrow is going to be made available online FREE to all members online over the coming weeks!




Well, that was easy!

When it comes to going online, I agree with Joy about keeping it simple. Facetime is my #1 platform and Zoom my #2. Make sure you have either a copy of their book or screenshots you can view of their music.





From Seth Godin:

“You have a chance to reinvent the default, to make it better. Or we can maintain the status quo. Which way will you contribute?

Rather than doing what we’ve always done in real-life (but online, and not as well), what if we did something better instead?”

Read the full post here: The Conversation.





One of my teacher-friends who used to live in Indiana moved a few years ago and took her studio with her – online! She’s been sharing a lot of great tips for online teaching via Facebook groups. You may have already caught some of her videos but if not, here is a link to Melissa Willis’s YouTube Channel.



Making music

Bono found inspiration in the times to write a new tune.



You now have time to make things like…

Homemade Chicken Stock (Homemade Chicken Stock)

Homemade Vanilla Extract (Joy the Baker)

Homemade (and easy!) Sprouted Wheat bread (Jenny Can Cook)

Homemade Whole-Grain Banana Bread (King Arthur Flour)





I know this is a little old news but if you didn’t hear about it – movers dropped Angela Hewitt’s rare concert piano… Eek!





Time Magazine’s 100 Women of the Year.



Just Because

Inside the Cutthroat World of Royal Gossips

“They jet off to Fiji with Harry and Meghan, hike the Himalayas with William and Kate, and hit the South of France with Charles and Camilla. But the life of the royal correspondent isn’t all glamour…”


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