Friday Finds #15 A Holiday Weekend

Each Friday on this blog, I will share some of my favorite finds from the past week. I absorb a lot of content in Feedly so I’m looking forward to helping you as busy teachers see what’s worth checking out! You will find anything from teaching articles, podcasts, music news, recipes, favorite pieces, and more.  I promise to try to keep it at 10 items or less!



How to Survive Back-to-School Scheduling.



A couple of fun ideas for those who use Faber’s My First Piano Adventures.



A giveaway from Alfred – up to three free books! *Offer expires July 22.



Teacher Lou Ann Pope shares her love for Tales of a Musical Journey and implementation of the Practicia App in a cleverly-written post inspired by the story-telling style of Gorin’s method.



Aiming low – Reaching High? 



A bundle of twelve free BEAUTIFUL backgrounds for desktop, laptop, or smartphone food enthusiasts!



Episode 10 of Leila’s wonderful Get Inspired! series is a Patriotic Lab I assign to my students the last week of June because on Monday…

…we’re celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S! My husband is excited to smoke some meat and continue our tradition of setting off a mini hot-air balloon. You know that strange U.F.O.-like light in the sky you think you saw but were afraid to tell anyone about years ago? Yeah, it was just a mini-hot air balloon!




It also dawned on me thinking about the hot-air balloon that the 4th of July is the anniversary of our first date.  We didn’t do much..just took a HELICOPTER RIDE at the fairgrounds! I should have known I was in for an aviation enthusiast from the start – 14 years ago on Monday!




Happy 4th!



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