Friday Finds #109

Has anyone been to New Orleans? If so, you may have visited Cafe Du Monde. My husband was there last week for a big conference/training with Tableau Software.

He and his colleagues visited the cafe three times for Beignets over the week! LOL. Luckily he knows me well and brought home a box of the mix as well as their famous coffee with Chicory. Fun!



Nice and simple sticker charts for reviewing technique exercises in the keys of C/Am, G/Em, and F/Dm from Piano Safari.



Practice Strategy: Video-Game Start-Overs from Color In My Piano. P.S. My best memories of childhood video games is on Atari! I also loved the old computer game Oregon Trail. I’m really dating myself now…



Music Learning Theory basics brought to you in a fun and easy way from one of the best in the business. I absolutely love RG’s style!



Drew and I got on the Magic Eraser bandwagon last year when we bought our¬†Quadra-Fire fireplace as they’re brilliant for cleaning the glass. Here are a few more Magic Eraser products that exist if you’re a fan.



How to Market Childhood Music Programs to Millennial Parents.



We’re approaching the gift-giving season. I know I’ve mentioned this product before on Piano Pantry, but I love it so much, I wanted to share it again as we go into this season.

Birchbox is a subscription box that sends you five product samples each month. The 3-month subscription is an awesome gift for a teenage daughter, or mom, or even a guy you know who likes those kinds of things Рthey have Birchbox for men!



How to Minimize Jet Lag and Perform Your Best When Crossing Multiple Time Zones.



You CAN Afford an Adjustable Bench from The Piano Studio.



Chocolate-Covered Chai Tea Bars. Sold.



What’s in Season in November.


Happy weekend, everyone! ~Amy



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