Experiencing the Seasons in our Studios and Life

The term “seasons” to me is an encouraging word. Why?

Because whether you’re talking about it in regards to the actual weather or life in general, it means a new start, a turn of events, a change.

Today we’re going to talk about five fun ways we can boost our experience of the seasons and embrace all that they are in multi-sensory ways.

In hard times – like when you’re quarantined for days, weeks, or months on end – finding ways to relish and participate in the current season can help bring a feeling of freshness and renewal.


#1 Music in our Studios

Christmas, of course, is the main season that immediately comes to mind when it comes to music because, as piano teachers, we get to experience Christmas music for two months multiple hours a day!

(Every year I try out a new Christmas book series. Last year it was Piano Safari’s “The Joy of Christmas” and this year Piano Pronto-pictured above.)

What about beyond Christmas though? Have you ever given your students a special piece just because it had a theme for Winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer, or Fall?

Not that every student has to have a special piece of music for every holiday or season, but it’s certainly a fun way to interject something different and a change of pace on occasion.

Individual sheet music solos would be the easiest and most convenient way to do this!



#2 Our Personal Music Playlist

As far as our personal listening goes, it can be easy to get stuck only listening to our favorite type of music (or group) such as classical, contemporary worship, or folk/bluegrass (like me! :-).

What if we could open our horizons a little more by changing it up with the seasons? A couple of years ago I started using Spotify. One of the things I love about it as opposed to Pandora is that you can create your own personal playlists and not just customized radio stations.

At first, it started with an Easter playlist because at the time I was filling in as a temporary Worship Team Coordinator for my church while we were on the search for a full-time Worship Leader.

I got addicted to creating these lists though and realized that even though they were playlists of the same tunes (not a radio station), it helped me explore even more music because I would listen to one list for a month, then change with the next month and/or season.

Don’t get me wrong, these lists aren’t all I listen to, but they’re often my first choice when popping on the tunes.

All of these playlists are public on my Spotify profile so you can enjoy them as well and maybe even create your own from my list!


#3 Decorating

Do you decorate your studio for the seasons – at least Christmas?

(This Year)

(Last Year)

You don’t have to go hog-wild with decorations, sometimes just one or two items can make a statement.

Can you guess what season this was? 🙂



#4 It’s the Little Things

Decorating for the seasons doesn’t mean we have to pull out the Kirland’s or Pottery Barn catalog or work toward an Instagram-perfect picture with our decorations.

Find small ways you can add seasonal flair to your home and studio. One of my favorite simple changes is to trade out my kitchen wash rags and towels with seasonal colors.

My favorite is these towels and wash clothes from Williams Sonoma. They’re super good quality (and we all know how quickly cheap wash rags and towels can deteriorate) and come in a fun multi-design pack.

Since I rotate colors every 3 months, they last several years.

I know many people like to change their hand soap (any Bath and Body Works fans out there?), but what about your dish soap?!

Green apple for fall time, pink cranberry for Christmas, and orange for winter! 🙂





#5 Food!

Asparagus in November = no thanks.

Asparagus in May = get it while it’s hot!

Berries in December = say what?!

Berries in June = divine joy.

Pumpkin muffins in March = weird.

Pumpkin muffins in October = perfect!

For more food fun like this, follow me on Instagram @food.fun.with.amy.

How do you like to celebrate the seasons? Share in the comments!



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