5-Days of Giveaways | 02: Move It! [DVD]


It’s day two of the one-year anniversary celebration of Piano Pantry. As a thank you to everyone for giving me a chance in the crowded blog world, I’m hosting 5-days of giveaways.

Thank you to everyone who entered yesterday’s giveaway sponsored by Marilyn Lowe. The winner of Day 1: Music Moves for Piano Keyboard Games Book A was Karen Lien!

I’m only giving away items that I currently use and love. After today, there will be one more prize worth $20 (a “foodie” giveaway) and two BIG prizes worth four times that much!


Today’s giveaway is sponsored by me! If you want to know a little more about me, the life I life, and what makes me tick, you can read more here. If not, that’s OK too – read on! 🙂


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5-Days of Giveaways | 01: Music Moves for Piano


In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Piano Pantry, I wanted to do something big for you all as a “thank you” for giving this newbie (me!) a shot in this blogosphere world. So THANK YOU!

Here’s the kicker – I’m only giving away items that I currently use and love. Three days will be prizes worth around $20 including one “foodie” giveaway, and two days will be BIG with one worth up to $75 and the other worth $90.


Today’s Giveaway is sponsored by Marilyn Lowe, author, and creator of Music Moves for Piano. I was blessed to get to know Marilyn and be trained by her during my training in Music Learning Theory and Music Moves for Piano through the Gordon Institute August 2016 in Boston. You can read more about that here.

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Friday Finds: A $250 Giveaway? Yep!

Each Friday on this blog, I will share some of my favorite finds from the past week. I absorb a lot of content in Feedly so I’m looking forward to helping you as busy teachers see what’s worth checking out! You will find anything from teaching articles, podcasts, music news, recipes, favorite pieces, and more.  I promise to try to keep it under 10 items!



A professional recorder player was featured on Cross-Eyed Pianist. I love it! In college, I took a January term recorder class. It was fun and totally popular with even non-music students! Up until then, I did not realize there were different sizes of recorders beyond the ones we played in grade school. Who knew it could be so beautiful?!



Are you a Pinterest user? They’ve made a few recent changes.

My Pinterest board can help you find fun Music-Themed and Recital Foods.



The prettiest music theory books I’ve ever seen.



Really useful and surprising information on copyrighting music.



Speaking of copyrighting, artists protecting their work, and media piracy online, here’s a shocking story. I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Harriet Tubman image going onto the new $20 bill. An old college friend of mine is a talented artist/graphic designer and self-employed small business owner. In June of last year he wrote about a debacle he was going through with his Harriet Tubman image being pirated by an organization called Women on 20’s who was working a global campaign attempting to get a woman on the U.S. $20 bill(!) They are currently working on a settlement with this organization but now that this image has been chosen for the $20 bill, doesn’t this make this an even bigger issue?

Please take a minute to help bring awareness to this situation and share the post wherever you can. Let’s help get credit where credit is due!

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