2017 MTNA Teacher Enrichment Grant

On my 12-hour drive to the MTNA conference, I take a moment to check my email. I see an email from “MTNA Foundation Fund.”

“Oh my, this is it!” I think…”did I get it?”

The preview subject: “Dear Amy, The Teacher Enrichment Grant Committee has…”

Ah! The suspense. They’re going to make me OPEN the email to find out?!…


APPROVED! Yahoo!! Suspense over – the end.

I will be using the grant to attend my first GIML Conference put on by the Gordon Institute for Music Learning. This is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my efforts in learning and applying Music Learning Theory following my first grant project which was a two-week training in Boston last August in MLT and Music Moves for Piano.

The timing is also perfect as I will already be in Chicago attending the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP) July 26-29. With a two-day break following to explore Chicago, I will then attend the GIML Conference August 1 – 3. It’s the perfect use of a trip – two goodies in one!

It took five years after joining MTNA for the fact to sink in my head that I could actually apply for a grant to help me with continuing education efforts. If you’ve never taken the opportunity to do so, consider applying the next round. Applications are always due the first of January.

I would say this in and of itself is worth the price of membership to MTNA! For more information on becoming a member MTNA visit mtna.org.

Find details on the teacher enrichment grant here.

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