Friday Finds

Teaching Tactics and Eye Tracking


1 – Spotify Playlist

Even if I didn’t play music at the beginning of my recital, I would still enjoy Sara’s recital mix playlists on Spotify. There’s a new one posted for 2018!


2 – It’s In the Sauce…or Not

Why yes, there is a difference between pizza sauce and pasta sauce and it’s a simple one.


3 – Teaching Tactics

Add these two to your teaching toolbox: Decorating the Cake: Helping Piano Students Play With Expression and Heart and We’re Not Robots: Helping Young Piano Students Get “Beyond The Notes”


4 – Book-Nerd Alert

This upcoming PBS series looks interesting – The Great American Read: a list of America’s 100 best-loved novels. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch the series because I’m playing for a choir concert that night. 🙁


5 – Keepin’ in Tune

Sending an email reminder to studio families to tune their piano is a great idea. I should be better at this…


6 – Whoda Thunk

So, I just learned this week that I shouldn’t necessarily be using my cleanser as my makeup remover. The advice is to use a makeup remover, THEN cleanse your skin with the cleanser. Hmmm… this actually makes.

So, I tried it. I used a small bit of coconut oil and rubbed it all over my face then took a cotton round to wipe it – and my makeup – off. (P.S. Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover is all I will use on eyes and it’s a dream). THEN I used my cleanser to wash my face.

I must say, what a difference it made! I usually use Pixi Toner following my cleanse and would always get makeup residue on the cotton round with the toner. Now my toner can be used to actually tone as intended!

Check out this and more beauty care steps here.


7 – A Lot of Work…

How to Build and Launch a Membership Site.


8 – Summer Podcast time

Season three of Revisionist History – a podcast by Malcolm Gladwell – is coming soon! I use Overcast for my Podcast manager, but you can subscribe on the Apple Podcasts app or listen to any podcast online.


9 – Phone Protector

For all you cooks who need to consider how you can protect your phone from your cooking splatters: Why I Started Keeping a Plastic Baggie on My Kitchen Counter at All Times


10 – Boys and Girls

The Mormon Church is severing their ties with the Boy Scouts to is create their own world-wide youth program.


11 – Free Piano Books!

Natalie just announced that the Mayron Cole Piano Method is now being given away for free.


12 – What We See

This is kind of fascinating.

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