Friday Finds #96


1 – Toddler Ear

OK, so I do generally try to avoid items that are typical Facebook share-type items in my Friday Finds, but the first two items in this week’s list are just too good not to share.

From the BBC archives, you wouldn’t believe the massive amount of pieces in which this toddler can identify the composer.


2 – Inspiring Others

Yep, this one made me tear up. Ohio teen born without hands plays the piano. Inspiring.


3 – Cheap Wrapping / Shipping

I’ll admit, sometimes I can be behind the times. Does the fact that I’ve just discovered Kraft Paper for the first time say something about me? :-/

A couple of weeks ago I went bonkers on Piano Teachers Buy Sell Trade U.S. on Facebook. I’ve had a load of books I’ve been wanting to get rid of and finally had an afternoon free. I should have taken photos of my studio floor strewn with piles of books. The best way I found to package them was simply wrapping them in kraft paper!

(I did around 25 sale posts that day and 15 are still available. I┬áthink this link will take you to my listings, but I’m not sure and there’s no good way for me to check whether or not it does. Otherwise, you should be able to just search “Amy Chaplin” in the group to see my items for sale. P.S. My prices include shipping. ­čÖé


4 – Unexpected Phone Protector

A great way to protect your phone while in the kitchen. Too bad I’ll likely never remember to use one!


5 – A ‘Lil New Orleans for Dinner

My husband went crazy over this Red Beans and Rice Instant Pot recipe. It really was quite tasty. I did find I had to cook it about 20% longer than the recipe stated for the beans to be cooked enough. I also personally thought the ratio of beans was a little too high and next time plan on trying it with only 8 oz. instead of 16 oz.


6 – Creativity

The Foolishness of Creativity: Silencing the little voice in my head

My favorite quote from this article:

“I am tempted to move my kids back a notch to goals that touch the ground, but the painful memory of that faceless critic reminds me to let them be. Let them dream and be audacious and even foolishly creative.”


7 – Announcement

Last month, Joy announced the theme of this year’s Piano Teacher Retreat. August will be here before we know it. Hopefully, I’ll get to cook for some of you!


8 – Pantry Storage

Drew likes to tell people that the only reason I have little kitchen storage space in our current rental house is that I have 12 different kinds of flour. LOL.┬áHere’s a great way to store all those different types of flours.


9 – Your Shares

After my last two letters went out to my subscribers in March and April, many of you emailed me a little about yourself and even shared items that you love. Thank you! I thought it might be nice to pass on what you share with me.

One reader loves Pic Collage┬áfor creating fun photo collages for their studio website. While they’ve tried others, they find this one to be the easiest to use with consistent results.

Another reader shared a video series on the Holy Land that she and her neighborhood Bible study were using. She particularly recommends video #4.

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Until next time!


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