Friday Finds #2




Susan Paradis wrote a nice review on the new G. Henle Verlag iPad App.



To go right along with my Wednesday post on my first FaceTime Lesson, Melody Payne of The Plucky Pianista has a Training video series Getting Started with Online Lessons.



Published on February 8, I just this week got around to listening to A Musical Life with Hugh Sung as he talks with Patrick Kavanaugh, founder, conductor, and artistic director of the Masterworks Festival. What a delightful conversation. I especially enjoyed hearing them talk about Kavanaugh’s compositional focus on microtonality and its future in the world of classical music as well as how his life as a Christian enhanced and influenced his life in Classical Music and vice versa. He is also the author of the book The Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers – a book that is already on my “to-read” list.



If I wasn’t going to be at the MTNA National Conference this weekend, I would totally sign up to check out Andrew Ingkavet’s FREE Online Event: How to Teach Preschoolers Piano. I currently use and really like WunderKeys but would love to learn more about how to work with these darling youngsters. Don’t delay – it’s this Saturday, April 2!



Buffalo Chicken + Nachos + Blue Cheese = yes, please! Buffalo Chicken Nachos.



I’ve been an America’s Test Kitchen fan since their first season and subscribe to their website for full access. I recently discovered they have a podcast, America’s Test Kitchen Radio. I really enjoyed this week’s episode with Sara Moulton as she talks about her time working with Julia Child! I’ve only made one recipe from Sara Moulton I can remember and it was quite unique. It was her Roasted Red Pepper and Prosciutto Lasagna. My husband and I are neither one big pasta lovers and I especially do not like spaghetti. This recipe uses pureed roasted red peppers as the sauce rather than traditional spaghetti sauce as well as Wonton Skins instead of lasagna noodles. Serve it with a green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.



A little reality – sometimes things don’t go as planned but in this case, sometimes building a community of youngsters is just as important!



I love seeing how other teachers lesson plan and organize their studio! “My Favorite Lesson Box.”



Teach Piano Today has done some short podcasts (lesson than 10 minutes) this year. I listen to so many, it’s nice to have some that are “short and sweet.” They spoke with Bradley Sowash about What to Do with a Piano Student Who Refuses to Look at His Music.


If I wasn’t already going to the GIML Training Institute in August, I would seriously consider attending The New School for Music Study’s Practical Piano Pedagogy 2016: An Intimate Gatherong of Teachers Seeking Growth.