Student Birthday Cards with a Surprise Twist!

Ever since I opened my full-time studio, I’ve been sending a birthday postcard to students every year – you know, kind of like when you get birthday postcards from your dentist, eye doctor, or auto-dealership? Not all businesses do this of course, but it’s a nice gesture and a great way to keep in touch with customers.

Prior to doing postcards, I would give them their favorite candy bar but I got tired of having to go out and buy individual candy bars and remember to do so throughout the year.

My reason for sending postcards has actually been more intentional than just doing something nice for students (not that that isn’t a good reason in and of itself, of course! 🙂 )

To me, it’s a way of creating great rapport with your families and I wrote a little more details on this in this post: Marketing with Postcards, It’s Not What You Think!

Each year I find a new postcard with the goal of sending something unique, fun, and visually inspiring. (Get some ideas here: Fun Postcards for Marketing Your Studio and 2019-2020 Birthday Postcards.)

Today I want to share how my (almost) burnout on this annual studio project propelled me to take a fresh approach with a little twist this year.

This will also include details on how to organize this project so you don’t have to continually attend to it throughout the year.

Sneak-peak! If you happen to use My Music Staff to manage your studio, I’ll show you a tool they offer that will display your student’s birthdays on your Google, iCloud or similar digital calendar!


A Simple (but Real) Burnout

For years I’ve had the same routine.

  1. Purchase a set of postcards.
  2. Print out address labels, and pre-label and stamp all the cards.
  3. Every Monday morning, look at the calendar and see if anyone has a birthday the following week, then write a little note on the postcard and drop it in the mail.

After nine years of this routine, while it was still fairly streamlined, I’ve gotten burnt out on hand-writing notes – especially when Spring comes around and I have multiple students in a week with birthdays.

I really didn’t want to stop my birthday mailing though because I think it’s important (I mean, what kid doesn’t feel special getting something in the
US Mail these days?! LOL)


small Tweaks to Keep it Fresh

Amidst pondering my dilemma, I realized that many of the birthday cards that come from businesses are usually pre-printed. Aha! While not the most personal approach, it was the perfect answer to give me a little break and a change of pace.

Tweak #1: Pre-print the cards

I also wanted to change it up and do a little something more for students.
A gift card to DQ was an easy idea but $5 is usually the minimum amount most places will do on a gift card, making it a pricy option. Plus, the statistics show a lot of people never end up using them and I hated the thought of wasting that money!

Over the last two years, I’ve been implementing a big push for students to always be able to play Happy Birthday. So, I began wondering how could I tie this into the birthday gift?


Tweak #2: Don’t just mail everyone a gift, have them “earn it” by playing Happy Birthday for you!

That way, only those who make the extra effort will earn the surprise birthday gift and I might save a little money.

Working with a local bakeshop proved to answer my final dilemma. They sell a lot of individual cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and donuts for under $2. She was happy to sell me individual gift certificates for $2 so students can go in and get a free treat.

Tweak #3: Work with someone local who will sell you a gift certificate for less than $5!


My 2020-2021 Birthday Cards

Now for some photos of my birthday cards from this year!

One of my studio families bought me a huge pack of these cute note cards this summer – they were perfect!

Using Avery Shipping Labels (3.5″ x 5″), I simply printed them out…

…and then stuck them to the “note” side of the card.

I actually did two different messages.

For students with birthdays during the school year I used:

Happy birthday from your piano teacher!

Want to earn a little surprise birthday gift? Play “Happy Birthday” for me on the piano without music (confidently and well-practiced, of course) either at your next lesson or send me a video!

PS. This offer expires 2 piano lessons after your birthday.
P.S.S. It’s up to you to remember, I won’t remind you! 🙂

I can’t wait to hear it!

Because my summer lessons are optional, I modified the wording for the small handful of students with summer birthdays just in case they weren’t taking lessons at the time.

Happy birthday from your piano teacher!

Here’s a little surprise gift! (I’ll just mail them the gift certificate.)

Will you do something for me though? Send me a quick video of you playing “Happy Birthday” at the piano (confidently and well-practiced, of course). Maybe even have a little fun with it and be creative.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!


Get them All ready to go!

Here are some tips for getting them all ready to go for the entire year in one sitting.

Pre-label all envelopes with stamps, return address and address labels.

(Keep an address label template document with student addresses at all times. When a student registers for lessons, add their address to the document template so, in August every year, they’re already there ready to be printed.)

Print the month and day of the student’s birthday next to their name on the address label so you know exactly when to mail it out without having to look it up.

After they’re all labeled, stack them in order for the year and you’re all set!

This project took me approximately two hours (mostly because my stupid printer was acting up). It is such a relief to know that all I have to do is grab the card and drop it in the mail – one less thing on my mind for the year!


Sync Your Student Birthdays Calendar

If you subscribe to and use MyMusic Staff for your music studio, they have a feature in the calendar that, with basically one click, will add your studio calendar from My Music Staff into your personal cloud calendar (such as Google or iCloud calendars)

My Music Staff has a help article available to show you how to do this, but I’ve included some screenshots here for you for an easy visual. (Click on the image to enlarge and zoom in if needed.)

Keep in mind I use Google Calendar, so yours may feel a little different.

Navigate to the Calendar from the sidebar in My Music Staff then, clear to the right, click on the purple “Set up Sync” button.

Select which calendar you use.

It will automatically open your calendar with the proper link. Click “Add”

In Google Calendar, it will show up under “Other calendars”. To rename the calendar or to change the calendar color, click on the three dots on the right.

It may take 24 hours for them to sync, but they will show up!

Do you have something you do in your studio every year for birthdays?
I would love to hear your ideas – please share in the comments!

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