Fun Postcards for Marketing Your Studio

Do you want a simple and effective way to market your studio?

Here it is…


That’s it. Simple, right?

You’re probably putting the brakes on right now thinking…

“Now wait a minute, Amy, why in the world would I bother with snail mail? What do postcards have to do with me getting more students?”

It’s called in-studio marketing – building rapport with the families you have.

I’m not here to talk specifics about why you should send postcards to your students today (you can catch more details on the “why” in the post Marketing with Postcards: It’s Not What You Think!)

What I AM here to do is to share some fun postcard ideas I came across in my quest for this years postcards!


Colorful Mandala Postcard

The first few years of sending my student’s postcards, I just bought packs of postcards from Arts United Supply.

Last year though it was time to change things up, so I used Susan Hong’s beautiful Mandala Postcards. It’s a downloadable studio license for $10 and you get both the color version and the black and white version which would be fun for students to color.


Music-themed Postcard Packs from Amazon

All four of these postcard sets below come in a pack of 20 for around $14 with shipping. Clicking on the image will take you to them on Amazon.










Customizable Postcard

These postcards from Vistaprint would be fun because you can customize them with your studio logo!


Artsy Prints

This beautiful Musicology Postcard set on Etsy was the winner for me this year. It’s a set of 8 postcards with a musical theme that “show you the magical sound of shadows.” I’ll admit they were a splurge though at $18 for a pack of 8 plus $8 shipping from Belgium. What kid wouldn’t love to get this in the mail? They’re beautiful, creative, and inspiring.



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