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Your Annual Studio Calendar Simplified [Video]

Simplicity. We can all use a little more of it, wouldn’t you agree?!

Well, today I have a tutorial video that will make the creation of your studio calendar from year to year as simple as one keystroke and…

Voila! Your new calendar will be created.

I’m not exaggerating. No, seriously. It’s true.


The Calendar

Before I turn your studio management world upside down, let me show you the calendar we’re about to create. (Note: some of the black lines didn’t transfer evenly in my screenshot image but we’re only talking big picture here).

Besides learning how to create this calendar, you might even learn a few Excel hacks along the way. Maybe you can use what you learn to create your own version!

Before we get into the video, let’s talk briefly about the best time of year and format for distributing calendars.


Calendar Distribution

April seems to be the perfect time of year for calendar distribution. I’ve never had families ask about summer lessons or next year’s calendar any earlier.

Some studios I’ve heard put the information out in January and that’s great if you can, especially if you are a music school or have multiple teachers. I’ve tried that but am personally never ready to think about summer or the following year that early. Thus, both the calendar for Summer lessons (June through mid-August) and the following school year (August through May) are presented to my families in April.

The studio calendar is made available to my families in two formats. A downloadable PDF form is emailed to them directly and linked on the studio website. Printed versions are placed in the student’s binders (generally on the back cover), and a copy is posted on the studio bulletin board.

OK, that wasn’t too much to cover. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?


Creating a Studio Calendar in Excel [Video]

A few tips to prepare you for the video.

  1. Consider opening up a blank Excel spreadsheet and follow along. We learn by doing, right?
  2. Be prepared to pause the video if needed to make sure you can follow step-by-step. (The space bar is a quick way to pause and play videos).
  3. If at all possible, watch this video on one device and have your Excel sheet open on another so you don’t have to flip back and forth on the same screen. If you don’t have two monitors on your desktop like I do (I’m spoiled, I know), navigate to the video via your iPad (it will likely be too small to follow along on a phone), and work on your Excel sheet from your desktop or laptop.
  4. So you can see it even easier, view the video in an expanded screen by clicking on the little plus symbol in the right-hand corner of the video.
  5. In case your video looks a little fuzzy, you might need to change the video quality. I would recommend setting it to 480p at a minimum. Preferably 720p HD. The next three screenshots will show you how you can do this.



Time to roll…view the video below or click here to view on YouTube.


To making life easier…


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