Happy Birthday By Ear

This 11-page download includes:
  • 3 student pages: Melody (previewed above), Harmony, and Get Creative
  • A create variations tracker: A checklist for students to keep track of different creative combinations they’ve used (such as waltz bass, what keys they’ve transposed to, creating an introduction/ending, etc.)
  • 3 teacher pages: Suggested teaching tips for approaching each area including a “bonus” page with some extra MLT-inspired activities if you would like to take the audiation-based instruction a little further.
  • 2 notated pages:  One with the melody only and one that includes chord root harmony. These are included as a reference for your convenience, but I would strongly encourage teachers to consider not giving students the notation.

For more information and previews, visit this post:
Happy Birthday By Ear: The Ultimate Teaching Resource




Product Testimonials

Thank you for your weekly Friday Finds. They are so fun to read! Thank you also for creating cool Music Labs and your Happy Birthday product. I think I’ve just purchased all your lab products that I didn’t have!

Please continue to create these really neat products to help us as teachers be effective with our students. I currently have lab time for 2nd-6th graders and your products work well for them.

-Cheryl Leigh Stringfield

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