Sync Student Birthdays to your Calendar with My Music Staff

If you subscribe to and use My Music Staff for your music studio, they have a feature in the calendar that, with one click, will add your studio calendar from My Music Staff to your personal cloud calendar (such as Google or iCloud).

I have found this especially useful when tracking my student’s birthdays since I send students cards in the mail.

I don’t utilize the MMS calendar for my studio schedule, so all that shows up there is the student’s birthdays. You may still like this feature, even if you have your entire studio schedule!

My Music Staff has a help article available to show you how to set this up, but I thought it might be helpful to highlight the feature here and include some screenshots for an easy visual. (Click on the image to enlarge if needed.)

Remember that I use Google Calendar, so yours may feel slightly different.


1) Navigate to the Calendar from the sidebar in My Music Staff, then clear to the right, click on the purple “Set up Sync” button.


2) Select which calendar you use.


3) It will automatically open your calendar with the proper link. Click “Add”


4) In Google Calendar, it will show up under “Other calendars.” Click on the three dots on the right to rename the calendar or change the calendar color.

It may take 24 hours for them to sync, but they will show up!

Here, I’ve toggled all my other calendars off just to show the student birthdays.


More on Student Birthday Cards

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Do you have something you do in your studio every year for birthdays?
I would love to hear your ideas – please share in the comments!


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