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Amy’s secret letter is a fun extension of everything that makes her blog a treasure – a vibrant life, devotion to excellent teaching, and a constant quest for the best resources available for music teachers. You’re always sure to find some gem that you can explore or use in your studio!     -Natalie Weber

I look forward to reading the secret letter. Always interesting news I can peruse and apply easily. Lucky us that Amy does all the work and we reap the benefits. Thanks, Amy!    -Sandy T.

I like Fridays — your email pops in my inbox and sparks such great curiosity for me! Thank you!     -K. Palsky

I get so many fresh ideas. I can’t wait to read everything.     -Doris Kirke

Amy never fails to deliver likable resources and ideas. Her “secret letter” always inspires me to reflect on what’s working (and not working) in my own studio life.

As we’ve all come to expect from her Friday Finds, Amy’s well-balanced recommendations in the “secret letter” always leave me with new things to explore. I look forward to the letter every month!     -Christina Whitlock (Beyond Measure Podcast)


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I’m a piano teacher from small-town Indiana who has a passion for teaching, cooking, and organizing.

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