SESSION: Taming the Jungle


Learn invaluable time-saving strategies for managing information and communication as a music teacher and professional. Increase your ability to cull, absorb, and retrieve your most valued content using tools such as Evernote, Feedly, and more.

“Information you can’t find or use isn’t information, it’s noise.”
-Michael Hyatt



“Amy’s session was super helpful in understanding the multitude of tools available in the digital world. She really knows her stuff!”
-Rebekah Richards

Amy’s presentation is very enthusiastic, very organized, and very practical!
-Marlowe Carruth

“I just finished the session Taming the Jungle and I am very excited about all that I learned. I teach piano because it is a great joy to share music with others and using technology, not such a joy. This session made me feel a little more comfortable about using more tech. I immediately tried some of the recommendations and I am excited to try more. Please keep sending the blog postings, they are like getting an email from a friend. Look forward to more.”
-Virginia Blackstone



Kansas City MTA, April 2019
  • South Bend Music Teacher’s Association, Indiana (April 2022)
  • Michigan Music Teacher’s Association (interactive webinar) (January 2022)
  • Tidewater Music Teacher’s Association, Virginia (October 2021)
  • Northwest District Ohio Music Teacher’s Association (October 2021)
  • Western Reserve Music Teachers Association, Ohio (May 2019)
  • Kansas City Music Teachers Association (April 2019)
  • Raleigh Piano Teachers Association, North Carolina (February 2019)
  • Kentucky Music Teachers Association Conference (September 2018)
  • Music Teachers National Association Conference (March 2018)
  • Louisville Music Teachers Association (February 2018)


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