SESSION: Evernote


Learn how Evernote can help manage the vast amount of information, communication, and content that comes to us on a daily basis as Independent Music Teachers and professionals.



“Amy has solidified herself as an Organization Queen in the independent music teacher space. This lightning talk is an impressively concise rundown of all Evernote has to offer our profession. Amy approaches this session in a way that is accessible for anyone new to Evernote, but even experienced users of the app will likely learn a few tricks from Amy’s clever tips.”

-Christina Whitlock

“Amy’s lightning session on Evernote was engaging, well-rehearsed, and perfectly executed! She made the most of every moment, packing her session with tons of great information.”

-Joy Morin



2019 National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy
  • National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy – Chicago, IL (July 2019)
  • Kentucky MTA State Conference – Lexington, KY (November 2017)
  • Ohio MTA State Conference -Van Wert, OH (October 2017)
  • Indiana MTA State Conference – Marion, IN (September 2017)



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