Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist

Today, as I was looking over my Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist, I thought “hey, my readers might find this useful!” So, today I have a free download for you!

It’s that time of year when preparations for my year-end spring recital are in full-force. Here’s what I have accomplished thus far:

1. Found, booked and confirmed location
2. Presented students with several piece options
3. Confirmed the student’s choice piece
4. Determined plans for the second half of the recital

(Each year the first half is everyone playing their solo then following a 10-minute intermission we do something different. Two years ago everyone did a jazzy style piece, last year we did collaborative pieces, and this year we’re doing a studio collaboration on The Musical Forest: A Narrative Suite for Piano by Nancy Lau. I’ll share details after the recital!)

5. Announced recital location and details in my newsletter
6. Organized and assigned roles for the narrative suite

Next, I have to get all my awards figured out so I can order what I need!

To find out more about how I organize my studio awards, check out this post:

Today’s free download is my lifesaver during recital time. It keeps me sane, saves me money (by tracking food purchases vs. actual usage), and saves time by not having to think through everything from year to year.

The document includes 4 pages:

1. Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist
2. Recital Rehearsal and Lunch (I feed my kids a pizza lunch after rehearsal – a great way to build community)
3. Recital Food Buying Guide
4. Recital Day Check-List

Keep in mind, this document is a personal record. I’m giving it to you in Word format so you can edit it to your liking. Every year I write down exactly how many people attended, how much food I bought, how much was left, ideas for next year, what worked, what didn’t, and so on and so forth.

I’m hoping what this document will do is show you how to keep good records of your recitals from year to year to make planning and day-of preparations a breeze. Always take the time to break-out and make detailed notes after a recital – you’ll thank yourself next year!

Click on this button to download the Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist.

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