109 – Joy & Amy: Ways We Used Notion This Week

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Episode Summary

Amy and her friend Joy Morin of the Color in My Piano blog share six ways they’ve used Notion (a productivity and note-taking app this week as independent piano teachers.


Joy Morin is a pianist, teacher, composer, and lifelong learner. She writes a blog at ColorInMyPiano.com, where she enjoys connecting with fellow piano teachers and sharing resources for piano lessons. Joy currently operates an independent piano studio near Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she resides with her husband, two daughters, and cats. Her books and music are available for purchase at keysatplay.com.


Items Mentioned

Episode 105 – Evernote vs. Notion

Workshop: Organize Your Life With Notion



Welcome to episode 109 of The Piano Pantry Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Chaplin.

In the early days of the Piano Pantry blog, I was known for demonstrating all the powerful ways that Evernote could enhance how we worked and saved information. We all know how technology evolves, as does our use of it, and this has been one of those for me. Here I am, more than five years later and there’s a new kid in town that’s left Evernote a bit in the dust.

If you’re around here much, you’ve already heard me talking up Notion – a productivity and note-taking app a lot. I cannot sing the praises of Notion loudly enough. Not only has it enhanced my daily workflow, but it has brought every area I manage in life together in a way that Evernote never could. Its minimalistic feel, seamless and intuitive functions, beautiful formatting options, and visual building features are above and beyond anything else I’ve seen out there.

As this community’s self-declared go-to organization gal, I’m determined to help pave the way for my teacher friends to embrace a more streamlined way of working using Notion. So, I’ve teamed up with my good friend, Joy Morin of the ColorinMyPiano blog to offer a special two-day workshop on March 8 and 9, 2024.

In order to help paint a clear picture of what it could look like for you, for today’s episode, Joy and I sat down a few days ago to share a few ways that each of us used Notion this week as independent teachers.

By the way, if you missed it, you might want to go back and listen to episode 105, where I lay out a very clear comparison between Evernote and Notion. If you’re a visual person, we’ve provided supporting pictures of all the pages we discussed today in the show notes.

Sorry, but there is no transcript available for the conversation portion of this episode.

Thanks for listening to our chat today. If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming workshop Organize Your Life With Notion, here are a few details:

It’s being held Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, 2024, from 10:30 am-1:30 pm Eastern Time via Zoom. Replays will be available for 6 months.

You’ll get live instruction from both of us, 10 in-depth sessions, 2 guided projects, and an accompanying workbook and set of cheatsheets. Best of all, you’ll get access to a special starter pack of Notion page templates designed by Joy and me, especially with our independent piano teachers in mind, including a prospective student inquiries tracker, student curriculum notes, student attendance tracker, studio communication calendar, tax preparation, and more.

For more details and to register, visit PianoPantry.com/notion. The early bird discount for $40 off ends March 1 so don’t delay! Again that’s PianoPantry.com/notion. Get links to everything we talked about today in the show notes at PianoPantry.com/podcast/episode109.