036 – Natalie Weber: 7 Teaching Inspirations from My Third Grade Teacher

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Guest Host

Natalie Weber, NCTM, has operated a piano studio in Kansas since 1998. She teaches all ages in private and group lessons and runs the popular MusicMattersBlog.com, which is devoted to inspiring creativity in music education. When she’s not teaching, Natalie loves spending time with her family, including her first granddaughter!


Items Mentioned

Episode Notes

Natalie’s 7 Teaching Inspirations

  1. Invest your whole heart in teaching

  2. Inspire students to do their best

  3. Cultivate personal relationships with students

  4. Promote camaraderie among students

  5. Challenge students with difficult assignments

  6. Try out-of-the-box ideas

  7. Love your students for who they are

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