083 – Olivia Ellis & Davis Dorrough: Getting Started with Lead Sheets & Chord Charts

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Guest Hosts

Davis Dorrough and Olivia Ellis have been collaborating as The Creative Piano Teachers since 2020, when they found themselves, like most people, with some extra time on their hands. Since then, they have co-authored several books, produced a teaching blog and newsletter, and presented on many creative topics. While Davis teaches in an independent studio in Ohio, Olivia is Associate Professor of Music at Messiah University in Pennsylvania. You can read more about them and also snag some of their fun, free resources at creativepianoteacher.com.


Episode Summary

All the students want to play them! But did you know that lead sheets and chord charts teach many important and practical piano skills? In this episode, Davis and Olivia will hit the highlights of why and how you should teach lead sheets and chord charts to all your piano students… even the beginners.


Items Mentioned in this Episode

Easy Piano Lead Sheets & Chord Charts series

Creative Piano Teacher website: creativepianoteacher.com

Fake Book Fundamentals: hollymccannpianostudio.com

Way Cool Keyboarding: pedagogyinmotion.com