073 – Chrissy Ricker: Adventures in Travel Teaching

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Episode Summary

Are you curious about travel teaching? In this episode, piano teacher and composer Chrissy Ricker shares her experiences as a traveling piano teacher: the advantages, disadvantages, and lessons learned from over a decade of teaching piano in students’ homes.


Guest Host

Chrissy Ricker, NCTM, is a pianist, composer, and arranger from North Carolina. She enjoys sharing her ideas with other piano teachers and writing motivating music for pianists of all ages. Learn more about Chrissy at her website, chrissyricker.com.


Items Mentioned in this Episode

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Episode Highlights

Advantages of travel teaching

  1. Set yourself apart
  2. You can run a studio without renting space and keep it separate from your home.
  3. You get to see in-person your student’s piano and the space where they practice.


  1. The traveling
  2. You’ll never be able to see as many students in a day as you can in a central location (consider your scheduling and pricing considering this).
  3. You don’t have the same control over the teaching environment as you do in your own studio.

Tips / Lessons Learned

  1. It’s a premium service – price it so
  2. Group your students by location
  3. Make sure you have a well-worded police sheet

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