010 – Teacher Talk with Karen Thickstun

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Episode Summary

Karen Thickstun, NCTM, teaches piano pedagogy at Butler University, operates an independent studio, and recently retired as founding director of the Butler Community Arts School. She holds degrees in music, economics and business administration. Thickstun is currently serving as national president of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

Contact Karen: kthickstun@butler.edu

Outline of our conversation
  1. Karen’s background, including a business degree in economics
  2. Butler University pedagogy position
  3. Her path to MTNA President
  4. Begin engaged in the profession – Say YES!
  5. Attending Conferences  / MTNA 2022
  6. An organizational tip – she says it’s “old school” but I think it’s great!
  7. The non-teacher side of Karen – including auto racing!
  8. Silly/Fun Fact about Karen (involves March Madness!)


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