Piano Explorer Magazine Discontinued

This a month of new discoveries and, unfortunately, not great ones!

Last week I shared that The Royal Conservatory had removed its theory apps from the app store.

Today, I’ve learned that Piano Explorer Magazine, published by The Instrumentalist, is no longer taking any new subscriptions.

Unfortunately, their subscriptions significantly decreased during the pandemic and they will no longer be able to continue the print magazine after the May/June 2021 issue.


07/29/2023 Update! 

Did you love Piano Explorer Magazine? Check Out Piano Inspires Kids!




  • That is such a shame! I have all of the magazines dating back to the early ‘90s when I lived in the Chicago Area. One of my students even got a poem she had written published in the magazine @ 2010. PE always encouraged all types of artistic creativity – not just musical. Such a fantastic resource that will be missed.

    • Agreed! I used them for years in my studio. First by simply making multiple copies available for students to grab and take home then incorporating it into my music lab time. I’ll admit, I haven’t used it the last couple of years but I was about to reinstate my subscription – actually I was going to pay for one subscription per student and have it mailed directly to their house. When I emailed them inquiring on the best way to go about that, I found out about the discontinuation. Another loss in all of this pandemic-ness! 🙁

      • Oh wow, so sad. My students have been working on the 100 days of practicing and several are on their 200-300 days. I was hoping to get their names printed in the magazine. Do you have any other options/ideas?

        • Hi, Lauren. Yes, it really is too bad. From what I can see, their website is now completely gone at this point.

          The only advice I could offer would be to perhaps run your own personal studio-wide challenge and then give out a special award at your recital for those who complete it at some point in the year. Check out the post Studio Awards: Policies and Procedures.

    • Hi Diane,
      Would you consider allowing me to borrow, rent, or purchase some of your old issues I’m looking for old issues that cover American music, American composers and/or American pianists. My email address is adagiogs@comcast.net.

  • I’ve been using these magazines for years/decades! Such a loss. I found them a good way to incorporate information about composers and to reinforce techniques I teach in my studio. I will really miss this magazine.

  • I had heard if this possibility and am so sad to hear their final decision. I had not subscribed this year because of the difficulty of getting it TO the students, but had hoped to renew this year. I loved the composer section and doing a study sheet/listening assignment on that composer. I hope they change their minds!

  • This is so sad. I love this magazine and my students love it too. I hope they may be able to figure out a way to continue publishing!!!

  • This is such a shame. I have had my students subscribe to this magazine for years and I give weekly assignments out of this periodical. It has been a wonderful way to incorporate history and composer biography. I hope they will find a way to continue.

  • I too was going to renew with students coming back. Any chance you will reconsider and continue publishing? Sounds like a lot of people will subscribe.

    • Hi, Diane! I’m not the one who publishes the magazine. I’m bummed too but here’s the statement from the publisher, Piano Explorer: “There will be no more print issues of Piano Explorer. Due to the significant decrease in subscriptions this past year, the July/August issue was the final print issue of Piano Explorer. There will be a few final pdf versions for the fall 2021 issues that will be available for free download on our website this fall. Links for them are available below as they are posted. Additionally, there will be no accompanying web content (videos) for the online pdf issues. The 100-Day Challenge has ended. If you have any questions, please email us at circulation@pianoexplorer.net.”

  • Oh no! Please, please don’t let this wonderful magazine end. I would like to subscribe. I have been a subscriber for over 20 years. This magazine brings such great knowledge to the students, their parents and teachers. Is there any way you could bring it back? How can we make that happen?? Perhaps if the teachers contributed an amount – surely there is a way to bring it back. Does anyone have any ideas? I know we have all taken a big loss with the pandemic, but we can get through this together!

  • We , piano teachers, need Piano Explorer magazine as an excellent teaching tool not only for students but teachers. Please try to continue printing this great magazine. Thank you

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