Photos from a Museum Masterpieces Recital

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on a recital one of my colleagues was holding using Catherine Rollin’s Museum Masterpieces books.

See the original post here:

7 Hidden Lessons from a Museum Masterpieces Recital

Museum Masterpieces


Today I am passing along the photos from this fun recital. I love seeing the photos of the screen with each image while the student is playing. Most of those photos are on pages 2-6.

View the photos here.

Thanks so much for sharing once again, Marylee!

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  • I did something very similar in my spring recital this year! I heard Catherine Rollin at the fall Michigan Music Conference and had the thought to do a recital using her pieces. All of my students played, but some were not advanced enough, or too advanced to play the music. Those that did not play a Rollin piece I gave the option for them to come up with their own artwork for their piece, and a few of them did. I displayed the art on a screen behind them while they played. I had parents telling me it was the best of my recitals so far (even a dad who has been around for the last 10 years of recitals!). I’m not sure what I will do next year to top that! 🙂

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