Petition to Reinstate the RCM Theory Apps

It’s a sad day! I’ve recently discovered and now have 100% confirmation that The Royal Conservatory’s Theory apps are no longer available in the app store.

While the image above displays Prep – Level 3, there was actually a Level 4 as well (so 5 total); it just didn’t fit into my screenshot image – ha!

Apparently, they’ve been gone for quite some months. However, if (like me), if you already own these apps, you would have never known because they still work on your iPad!

I only discovered it when a reader contacted me regarding the correlating music labs wondering if there was a level 5. Rather than finding any newly published apps, I instead discovered they were gone entirely!

These apps were some of the best quality theory apps and my students loved them. I am incredibly bummed to see these no longer in the app store.

Thanks to Judy Naillion in the iPad Piano Teacher’s group for assisting in this research. She made the call to RCM to investigate (including a long hold wait) and obtained information on how we can submit complaints/petition to have them reinstated.

Taking her suggestion, I’ve created an online petition that will be sent to The Royal Conservatory requesting the reconsider publishing these apps.

Thank you for your participation!

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