Reset & Refresh: Tidying Tips for Studio Teachers

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To follow up and keep it simple for you, I’ve outlined the bullet points and quotes used in the session below.

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Presentation Notes

  1. End of the lesson (15 seconds)
    • This can happen while saying goodbye to or welcoming the next student!
    • Types of tasks
      • Toss trash
      • Resituate writing utensils
      • Replace teaching manipulatives
      • Reset bench/pedal extender
  2. End of day (5-15 minutes)
    • Keep your tidying checklists small –  no more than 5-6 items!
    • Types of tasks
      • End of lesson tasks plus…
      • Scan student assignments
      • Final emails
      • Push in benches, wrap up headphones, close piano lid
  3. End of the week (15-30 minutes)
    • Set a recurring reminder with specific tasks listed.
      • Consider Monday students
      • Final emails
      • Sort photos & downloads folder
      • Close out computer
      • Charge mouse
      • Minor cleaning
      • Sort bills, receipts, invoices
  4. End of the season (1-2 hours)
    • Schedule it.
    • Different than daily or weekly tidying tasks.
    • Small projects and planning.
      • Student planning
      • Get rid of piles
      • Refill stuff
      • Tackle larger projects
      • Sort bills, receipts invoices
  5. End of term or school year (2-4 hours or up to an entire day or two!)
    • Schedule it.
    • Rearrange (your space – literally, LOL)
    • Reorganize (edit, categorize, contain, maintain)
    • Rethink (what’s working – what’s not?)
      • assignment giving
      • billing
      • social media / studio communication



What gets scheduled gets done.
-Michael Hyatt

To begin, begin.
-William Wordsworth


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