Music Theory Videos – Set 4

Teachers: The videos in this set are leveled roughly at the early to late intermediate level.

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#02 – How to group or “beam” 8th notes and 16th notes


#03 – D Major Scale (on staff and on the piano)


#04 – What are Scale Degree Names in Music?


#05 – Treble Clef Notes with Ledger Lines (Video Flashcards Slow to Fast)


#06 – Bass Clef Note Identification (Video Flashcards Slow to Fast)


#07 – Bass Clef Notes with Ledger Lines (Video Flashcards Slow to Fast)


#08 – How to Build the Circle of Fifths for Major Scales


#09 – Music Theory Behind Melodic Minor Scales


#10 – How Do You Build Minor Scales (3 Forms – all keys)

In this video, the term “tone” means “whole-step” and “semitone” means
This is because the video creator is from Canada and they use slightly different terms than in the U.S.


#11 – How to Find the Relative Minor Key (all keys)


#12 – What Are Double Sharps and Double Flats?


#13 – What are Major and Perfect intervals


#14 – What Are Minor Intervals?


#15 – What are Augmented and Diminished Intervals?


#16 – Intermediate Music Theory Tempo Marks and Dynamics



#17 – 7 Common Tempo Markings


#18 – Expression & Articulation Marks in Music Theory


#19 – Music Terms: Grazioso, cantabile, dolce, staccato, accents and stresses


#20 – Augmented and Diminished Chords


#21 – Diminished 7th Chords (full and half-diminished)


#22 – Dominant 7th Chord Inversions


#23 – Sound of Chords – Major/Minor Primary Chords + 7ths


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