Music-Themed Comic Books for Your Studio Lending Library

Last week I shared a large list of 15 of my favorite piano-themed children’s books. You can check that out along with tips on managing a lending library in your own studio here.

Today, I wanted to share some fun music-themed comic books I’ve run across over the years.

I never even knew such a thing existed until I won a copy of Welcome to Harmonium by William Soller at an MTNA conference years and years ago.

Some of my students enjoyed it so much I went looking for more and this is what I found:


The Metronome Man series by William Soller (Music Theory Super Hero Comic Book)


Description from the publisher: Read about the adventures of Harmonium’s Super Hero, Metronome Man. In the issue, music theory puns and adventures abound! Metronome Man is an educational comic book. Loved by musicians of all ages, the educational comic book was pilot-tested in 7th-grade music classes.

Cost: $6.95 each

#1 Welcome to Harmonium

#2 Now Where Could He Be? 


The Art of Piano Performance series by Peter Coraggio

Published by:

Description from the publisher: The Art of Piano Performance is a series of comic books perfect for use as an engaging and humorous teaching aid. The comic book form has an immediate appeal to young adults and adolescents. Pianists and teachers will enjoy the “in-jokes” within the illustrations and settings. All musical terms are defined when introduced, while the illustrations present important pedagogical information in a light-hearted, understandable manner.

Cost: $3.95 – $4.95 each


Do you know of any other music-themed comic books? Share in the comments!



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