Music-Themed Bookmarks for Student Christmas Gifts

What are some of the most typical Christmas gifts for students you can think of? Ornaments, candy, and hand-crafted goodies likely came to mind, am I right?

They sure are. I myself shared lots of ideas in these categories (well, except hand-crafted because that is definitely not me!) in this post:  Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Students: Who Couldn’t Use Another Idea.


Not once in my years of teaching had I thought about giving students bookmarks until a few years ago when I discovered magnetic bookmarks. 

I don’t know how long magnetic bookmarks existed before I discovered them, but whoever invented them must be the most brilliant person ever. Ha! OK, I exaggerate, but how smart is that?!

Find these Music-themed magnetic bookmarks on Amazon.

At $3.95 per pack, they are admittedly on the pricier side of a student gift but if time is a highly valued commodity as opposed to cost or if you have a smaller studio, these would be really fun to give out.

Another option would be to not necessarily give each student a whole pack but simply lay them out and let each student choose one.

You could also put together a little goody bag and include 1-4 of these along with a music-themed pencil and some candy.




One year, I did give my students a metal treble clef bookmark but at the time of purchase, I thought they were ornaments. Oops! The tassel means they actually could function in this manner though!

At $13.00 for a pack of 10, you can’t go wrong with such a cute, economical gift.

You will find these types of bookmarks on Amazon listed as wedding favors, packaged in a cute little box.

Here’s another set I found but haven’t given out myself (yet!). It has both treble clefs as well as musical notes, which would make for a fun variety.



Lastly, don’t forget Etsy is always a great play to look for students’ gifts including music bookmarks!

Still looking for more ideas? Check out this Christmas Gift Round-Up post.



Have you ever given your students musical bookmarks? If so, share links in the comments so we can see other variations!


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