Music-Themed Bookmarks for Student Christmas Gifts

What are some of the most typical Christmas gifts for students you can think of?

Ornaments, candy, and hand-crafted goodies likely came to mind, am I right?

In this post, Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Students: Who Couldn’t Use Another Idea even, I shared many ideas in these same gift categories (well, except hand-crafted because that is not me!).

In this post, I want to share an idea that I had never considered giving as a student Christmas gift until I learned magnetic bookmarks were a thing!


Magnetic Bookmarks

I don’t know how long magnetic bookmarks existed before I discovered them, but whoever invented them must be the most brilliant person ever. Ha! OK, I exaggerate, but how smart is that?!

When I saw these music-themed magnetic bookmarks on Amazon, I thought they could make the perfect gift!

At $3.95 per pack, they are admittedly on the pricier side of a student gift, but if time is a highly valued commodity as opposed to cost or if you have a smaller studio, these would be fun to give out.

They might even be something different you could do for your adult students vs. your younger kiddos.

Another option would be to not necessarily give each student a whole pack but simply lay them out and let each student choose one.

You could put together a little goody bag and include 1-4 of these, a music-themed pencil, and some candy. Done!



Three years ago, I gave my students a metal treble clef bookmark, but I thought they were ornaments at the time of purchase. Oops! Ha!

The tassel means they actually could function in this manner, though. At $13.00 for a pack of 10, you can’t go wrong with such a cute, economical gift!

These bookmarks on Amazon are listed as wedding favors, packaged in a cute little box. Here’s another set I found but haven’t given out myself (yet!).

Don’t forget Etsy is always a great play to look for students’ gifts, including music bookmarks!

If you want more ideas, check out this Christmas Gift Round-Up post.


Have you ever given your students musical bookmarks? If so, share links in the comments!


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