Fun Music Videos – Set 1: Classical Music Fun


Anderson & Roe play their own arrangement of Piazzolla’s “Libertango” (4:30)


Flying Steps – Flying Bach, Breakdance (7:30)


Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring…with a Marble (3:00)


Handel Hits the Road (2:30)


Rachmaninov – Volodos Italian Polka (2:45)


Schedrin Humoresque Ensemble (3:30)


Gershwin Piano Comedy Duo (4:30)


Lang Lang Plays Chopin’ Black Key Etude with an Orange (0:30)


Lang Lang plays Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee with his NOSE and one hand (1:10)


Bus Station Sonata – Commuters play Beethoven with pianist’ (3:40)


Added after 12/21/2021

The Guinness World Record for the longest melody played by a model train (9:00)



Fur Elise Jam in Augmented REality – The Piano Guys (3:60)