Fun Music Videos – Set 4: Unique Instruments

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“E. Pluribus Unum”, Latin for “Out of many, one.”


Virtual Choir (6:20)


Traditional Chinese Instruments (3:40)

Originating from Utah, the group, Matteo, is made of four self-taught players of traditional Chinese instruments. They had the opportunity to be artists in residence for a month at Sichuan University in China studying the four instruments: guzheng, matouqin, erhu, and liuqin.

This is a cover of their favorite Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World.”

Read more on these instruments here.


The Erhu (3:00)

The erhu (Chinese violin) is the most common instrument in the Huqin (Chinese bow-stringed instruments) family.

A two-stringed instrument with hair-thin strings, it is incredibly difficult to play, it is often said that it can only play sad songs.

Over eighty types of huqin instruments have been documented.


Huqin (Spike Fiddle) – Lang Lang & Father Play ‘Horse’  (3:30)


Lyre – (Playing The Oldest Known Melody) (5:45)

The melody “Hurrian Hymn no. 6” from around 1400 B.C.. was discovered in Syria in the early 1950s and was preserved for 3,400 years on a clay tablet.

The instrument playing in this video is a modern version of the ancient Kinnor Lyre from neighboring Israel; an instrument almost tonally identical to the wooden asymmetric-shaped lyres played throughout the Middle East at this time…when the Pharaoh’s still ruled ancient Egypt.


FAO Schwartz Large Floor Piano (4:00)


Animusic (3:30)


Thumb Piano (1:30)



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