Friday Finds #88 One Last Hoorah and an Office Tour


1 – Making it Click and Stick

Teaching scale and key signature patterns with an off-the-bench activity from Natalie Weber at Music Matters Blog


2 – #iwanttoworktheretoo

Experience office envy on this video tour of Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income’s home office.


3 – Chording

A free chord chart for Perfect by Ed Sheeran from Fun Key Music.


4 – #usewhatyouvegot

You Can Clean a Scorched Pot with a Dryer Sheet. What?!


5 – Upside Down (Watch and See ­čśë )

Group piano, literally! The fun really starts about one minute into the video.


6 – Recipes for Winter’s Last Hoorah

Apparently, winter is about to drop one more storm in our part of the country. To warm your tummy in this (hopefully last) winter storm, consider trying one of these soup recipes.

Tex-Mex Corn Chip Chili (if you like a little spice)
Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup (if you need something with easy prep)
Indiana Summer Turkey Chili
(if you’re ready for a chili alternative)
Quick and Easy Egg-Drop Soup 
(if like to keep it simple)


7 – I Won’t Go Without it Again

This past week I traveled to Orlando to the 2018 MTNA Conference. For the sake of avoiding checked luggage, I skimped on the beauty supplies. The one item I didn’t take that I greatly missed was Pixie’s Glow Tonic. This stuff makes my face feel so clean and refreshed every night. Next time, I’ll just pre-soak a few cotton rounds and put them in a mini ziplock rather than go without!

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