Friday Finds #84 Piano Flip Book and Playing for Pleasure


1 – Group Activity

I can’t wait to use this Piano Flip Book activity with my students during their group classes. What a fun way to learn about their instrument!


2 – History of Seasoning Duo

How Did Salt And Pepper Become The Soulmates Of Western Cuisine?


3 – Tech Tips

A Few Simple Tools to Hook Up Your iPad to the TV.


4 – Amateurs Unite

“Educating children for expertise suits the economy. We need the people who do the jobs to be as good as possible at them. But what we lose when we let the ethos of success dominate is the sheer fulfillment of doing things that absorb us even if we’re relatively bad at them.”

Read more from I’m a second-rate pianist – and proud of it.


5 – Social Improvement

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation [Ted Talk]


6 – Sweet Eats

Looking forward to trying these Slow-Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. I think I”ll save the latter for a special treat for my hubby as he’s a die-hard chocolate/PB lover.


7 – Visual History

Famous Black Musicians from then Till Now [Interactive Timeline]



8 – Taubman Technique

Technique Fundamentals According to the Taubman Approach.



  • Thanks for the share, Amy! I am glad you found the “Hooking Up Your iPad to your TV” helpful!
    The slow-roasted potatoes sounds delicious as well! I remember the episode of Chef’s Table she mentioned. I could see that being a great part of a meal on the weekend … just set in the oven & play games with the family while it does it’s thing. Aren’t those the best meals?
    Have a great weekend, Amy!

    • Ha! That’s so cool that you remember the exact episode she talks about in the Chef’s Table. I have my sweet potatoes ready to go!

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