Friday Finds #83 Lots of Good Stuff


1 – Teaching Your Children

Did I Make a Mistake Teaching Piano to My Three Sons?| 88 Piano Keys.


2 – Game Management and Assembly

How I Print, Trim, Laminate, and Assemble Piano Teaching Games | Colourful Keys. I especially like her tips at 10:15 (laminating flimsy sheets), 18:30 (trimming the edge of game boards uniformly), and 19:50 (cheap game pieces)


3 – Updated Method

The 2nd Edition of the Piano Safari method is here! Check out all the new updates here. The items I’m most excited about include:

Book 1
  • The inclusion of Improvisation Pieces to accompany each animal technique (these are currently contained in Animal Adventures as well).
  • Slightly different order of pieces
Book 2
  • Practice and analysis suggestions are added for many of the pieces
  • Portrait orientation (upright) instead of Landscape orientation


4 – Fun Facts

Huh, interesting! Here’s Why Clothing Sizes Are the Way Are.


5 – Help

Wonderful tips that I really needed to hear right now from Teach Piano Today on The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking to Struggling Piano Students.


6 – Staying Informed

Tips on how to manage your news intake on the Art of Simple. I’ll admit, I still haven’t figured out what way works best for me. I don’t watch TV in the morning, and I teach during the evening news and am in bed before late night news. I follow news feeds along with my blog feeds in Feedly RSS reader but I don’t love combining the two. My local newspaper has a digital subscription I can feed into my Feedly which is great, but I have to log in every time which can be a pain to just look at one article. I have to say her tip about getting a hard copy newspaper is tempting.


7 – The Home

Being a hostess comes very naturally to me. I love feeding people and taking care of others in our home. Hospitality, as this article mentions, is such an earthy, simple, and practical act of loving on others. Practicing Hospitality Imperfectly. 


8 – Make Me Smile

This choir boy using helium to boost his voice in such a serious setting is quite funny! Check out the video here.


9 – Method Review

A wonderful and detailed review of Irina Gorin’s Piano Method Tales of  A Musical Journey.


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