Friday Finds #81 Umami Chicken and a Bloggers Plea to Google


1 – MLT Explanations

Curious about what Music Learning Theory (MLT) really is? Did you know that “MLT” differs from “music learning theory?” My friend Joy Morin has just posted an eloquently-written article over at explaining just that.


2 – Sad News

Did you hear about this in the news this past week? Simply horrifying! A couple was arrested after their children were found shackledHere’s the kicker. They had 13 children even as old as in their late 20’s. So, so, so, sad.


3 – Music Lesson Notes

How to Make Effective and Efficient Lesson Notes in Google Docs. | 88 Piano Keys.


4 – Kitchen Gadget

Pour spout lids for Mason Jars – reCAP

These lids, while a little pricey, are a fantastic way to use glass jars in the kitchen. I use it for leftover coffee, homemade salad dressing shaker jars, and recently, for gravy. They make liquids easy to pour (and even transport)!


5 – Support the Bloggers!

Please Don’t Kill the Blogs: An Open Note to Google. | Seth Godin


6 – Baking Better

Parchment or Silicone Mat – Which is Better for Baking? | Food 52


7 – Winning Recipes I Made This Past Week

These recipes were worthy of making it into my permanent recipe list!

Umami Roast Chicken | Nom Nom Paleo
Magic Mushroom Powder | Nom Nom Paleo
5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (made with Coconut Sugar and no flour) | Pinch of Yum


8 – Grocery  Shopping Tip

The Seemingly Counterintuitive Thing That Actually Helps Me Stay on Budget. Interesting. We “rural folk” certainly can’t go as easily and as often as she does, but with just my husband and I to cook for, I’ve settled into only planning 2-3 meals at a time and going to the store twice a week. It seems if I purchase more meals than that, food goes bad as plans change at the last minute.


How often do you go to the grocery?


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