Friday Finds #77 Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a cook’s dream, wouldn’t you say? Choosing an array of food to eat at my family’s table is actually fun for me! Some of my favorite meals and music for the holiday season can be found on Amy’s Holiday Favorites.

Since many of us will be planning our lessons and group classes next week around the Thanksgiving theme, I thought I would focus this weeks finds on this American holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



The most popular Thanksgiving recipes by state. Indiana? Pumpkin pie.



Chasing the Turkey board game from Susan Paradis.



When we lived in Australia, one of my favorite chefs to watch on TV was the Canadian show French Food at Home hosted by Laura Calder. As we’re coming into a season of having our homes full of family, food, and friends, I cannot wait to read and relish in her new book The Inviting Life: An Inspirational Guide to Homemaking, Hosting and Opening the Door to Happiness.


Melodic dictation of Thanksgiving tunes for intermediate levels | Compose Create.



Thanksgiving music jokes to give your kids a chuckle.

  • What kind of music did Pilgrim teenagers like? Plymouth Rock
  • What key do composers never write music in? Tur-key



Pumpkin pie listening thermometers | Compose Create.



Recipes that I’ve recently bookmarked that would make great Thanksgiving choices.



#GivingTuesday is a large part of the upcoming season. As an independent teacher, if you’re looking for ways to give back to the profession, consider the MTNA Foundation Fund.



One of my favorite things I’ve come across in the past year is Birchbox. As you begin to plan your Christmas shopping, consider gifting a subscription to a mom, teenage niece, bestie, or anyone in your life who might enjoy monthly (and customized!) beauty samples.

I have a feeling you’ll most likely agree that buying beauty products could be fun if, first of all, they weren’t so expensive, and secondly, if you could return that $25 bottle of foundation that you used once that made you break out.

Products I would have never considered using or purchased on my own have now become staples in my routine. The samples last quite a while too so my $10/month box has lessened my purchases!

As a bonus, the boxes they come in are gorgeous and would be great repurposed as mini jewelry or gift boxes.

Sign up today!


Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving activities you do with your students? Perhaps you’d like to share a favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Post in the comments!


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