Friday Finds #76 Chord Town Christmas and the Newly-Named “Micro-Generation”



Yep, I’m a part of this so-named “micro-generation.”



I really liked this teacher’s idea of giving students a piano book for fun if they’re unable to make a lesson. Something they could sit down and just have fun playing through would be an ideal choice. I’m going to start doing this!



We are all about to embark upon the season of giving. Throw this fun book into your Amazon shopping cart for the kiddos or your nieces and nephews. It’s customizable to the state in which you live. The customization doesn’t just affect the title, but the contents of the book and what town Santa visits!



Anne Crosby Gaudet always comes up with great teaching materials. Several of my students are using her Chord Town Christmas book this year. I really like how she gives them ideas for different accompaniment patterns as well as introductions in a way that they can make the piece their own.

If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a piano teacher who lives in Nova Scotia. I would love to visit that beautiful place sometime. Do you think she would let me visit? 🙂



Are you familiar with the Music Link Foundation? It’s a non-profit organization whose mission is to help low-income families get music lessons, music, instruments and other musical opportunities they might not otherwise be able to afford.  They do this by partnering with teachers around the nation who agree to lower their fees by half to make the lessons more affordable for the families. Check out more on their website.



Change is not easy and often feels like an insurmountable task. This article on The Art of Simple suggests a simple way to move mountains and it starts with 3 minutes.



Do any of you cook with cast iron? Cast iron rocks. Check out this incredible premium cast iron cookware. I’m secretly hoping I get some for Christmas. (P.S. my husband does read these posts). 😉



Recent recipes that have made it into my “do again” list:


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  • Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for mentioning the MusicLink Foundation in your Friday Finds! I hope your readers will check us out and see how we can support them if they’re offering scholarship lessons to children in need. It could mean some nice discounts on teaching aids while opening up more opportunities for their scholarship students.

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