Friday Finds #67 Emoji Stickers and Happy Little Trees



A short but sweet piano teacher musing. | Happy Little Trees



A warm dish to pull you into fall. | Mushroom Casserole



Sara Campbell has a blog post series coming up sharing how she did “Piano Clubs” this summer. Check out the first post here.



The “Traditional” Teacher (Some Encouraging Words). | Forrest Kinney.



My husband is a big meat smoker (when he’s not busy helping build our house! 🙂 For Christmas I got him this book authored from the famous Franklin Barbecue in Austin Texas.

I was sad to hear the iconic location experience a terrible early morning fire last week caused by strong winds leading up to Hurricane Harvey.


How horrible! German Nurse Suspected Of Murdering At Least 86 Patients In His Care



My students love these emoji stickers. I’m pretty sure if they were all I had, they would be happy!


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