Friday Finds #65 Passwords and Pianos for People



The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards | James Clear



Students, did you know you can get 50% off a full year of Evernote Premium? I’m telling you, my life would have been changed if I had a program like Evernote through grad school for all the research and papers. Believe me, the Premium version is the best for students because you can search the text of pdf files, your own handwritten notes, Microsoft documents, and you can annotate on PDFs. It’s gold.



If you want to hear a fabulous jazz/pop one-man band listen to Jacob Collier. His harmonic progressions and voicing are extremely innovative.  Gershwin Fascinating Rhythm (his piano playing occurs at 3:00 minutes).



One of the PEDx talks at NCKP this year was Piano for People, a non-profit organization based in St. Louis who provides “pianos for people”  🙂 and now even music lessons to those in need.



MTNA is now on Instagram! If you haven’t already, also check out the newly-designed website.



3 Useful Styles of Lessons Plans for Piano Teachers | Nicola Canton.



I’ve been using LastPass for the last year or two and it is a lifesaver in today’s world. Leila Viss recently invited a guest blogger to write about it. Keeping Safe with Password Safety and Online Security.



Bradley Sowash is seriously rockin’ the online piano teaching world. Bossa Nova?  Charlie Brown Christmas Music? How fun is that?!

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