Friday Finds #60 Pack ‘n Roll, Peaches, and Politicians



Last night I hosted my third (now annual!) Studio 88 outdoor picnic performance. I couldn’t plan and pack everything I need for my student recitals without this sturdy pack-n-roll. They’re made as rolling “toolboxes,” but are perfect for packing extension chords, boxes of awards, and more. What I love most is that it easily folds up flat for storage.  



My favorite fruits include pears, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and peaches. Have you ever wondered What the Difference is Between Freestone and Clingstone Peaches?  



I love unique posts for piano teachers that aren’t just about our usual round of resources, printables, marketing, etc. Here’s one from Leila | What We Can Learn from the Parents of Condoleezza Rice, Pianist, and Politician. 



Interested in learning more about Van Cliburn? 4D Piano shared a great post full of books, podcasts, and movies to help you learn more. Discover Van Cliburn.  



3 Useful Styles of Lesson Plans for Piano Teachers | Colourful Keys.  



A delightful short story for summer from The New Yorker: Our Perfect Summer.  



I don’t know people get through with the small little freezers on most refrigerator/freezer units. Us “country” folk always have a deep freeze to keep our bulk meat purchases. We stock up on venison each hunting season, and I like to keep plenty of ground pork, turkey, and bone-in skin-on chicken breast and thighs on hand. If you have to get by with just a small freezer though, here’s a great tip to help make some extra room!  



Tahini-Date Salted Caramels.  


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