Friday Finds #57 Beats Workout and a Piano Puzzle



Canva made a big announcement this week. They’re introducing Canva Print. You can now order print items from your Canva designs. This could be a great tool for creating postcards for student birthdays, posters for recitals, fliers for marketing, and more!



How one teacher does rotating lessons, explained in detail.



My husband and I haven’t drunk pop (or “soda” depending on where you’re from) in years. Our beverages of choice most of the time are water and unsweet tea. On occasion, I drink a single cup of hot tea and love using this tea stick.



The second season of Malcolm Gladwell’s interesting summer podcast series, Revisionist History, is up and running. We’re three episodes in and my favorite so far is episode one. It’s a nice change of pace from the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.



A super cute visual lesson plan for students to use to help map the order of their lesson activities. Piano Puzzle Lesson Plan by San Antonio teacher Karen Lien.



I may not have children of my own, but I still enjoy reading on parenting and pondering things that would be important to me in raising my children if I were a parent. A Rallying Cry to End the Overwhelm of Toys.



Feeling frustrated, down, annoyed, or angry about something? Gretchen Rubin has great advice on a simple question to ask yourself in Identify the Problem.



All about Micro Meal Planning and Why It Might Be Right for You. I do this often. With just the two of us, it seems like if I plan out a full week of meals, something always happens and we don’t get to cook them all. This can sometimes result in produce going bad. I’m at the point where I only plan 2-3 meals at a time.



A workout using bongo drums featured on Kelly and Ryan.


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