Friday Finds #54 Scrabble and Croissant Waffles



Spring Seals, part of the duo over at 4D Piano Teaching, totally got to play on THE piano, on THE stage of THE Van CliburnWhat an amazing life experience.



Jennifer’s tips on multitasking to process all those great printable resources that take so much time to print, cut, and laminate.



My Indiana teacher-friend Daniel Patterson on Tim Topham’s Creative Piano Teaching podcast talking about how to Grow Your Studio Like a Pro.



Piggy-backing on that one…a post by Daniel on raising rates: The Studio Owner’s Guide to Raising Rates



The croissant waffle. The puff pastry is already in my freezer waiting for a Saturday morning to break out and show the waffle iron a new dance.



What a fun studio activity and way to reinforce music terms (and how they’re spelled!) Scrabble Tiles in the Studio: Music Crossword Project.



Why Teaching is Like Dating. OK, maybe a little weird title, but I get it.



Posts that draw me in most these days are not ones that promise some amazing result or THE answer to my every dilemma, but ones that cut right to the heart of life. This is one of those posts, Leils’a Can You Carve Out a Career by Ear?



Recipes that have made it to my table recently: Strawberry Spinach Salad, Simple Southwestern Coleslaw (as a topping for bratwursts), Almond Biscotti, Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar (and Pepper!) believe me, it works, homemade hummus from the most recent issue of Milk Street Magazine (and the only hummus that will ever be in my house again!) eaten with our new FAVORITE recipe that will now be our staple wrap, pita, bun, taco shell, you  name it – Sprouted Wheat Flatbread.


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