Friday Finds #52 Underground Conservatory



I’ll admit, I’m not the teacher that is always up on all the “music/teaching” apps out there. Part of me can be a teensy-weensy bit slow at keeping up on that end. I was, however, happy to add to my iPad this week, TuneTrain especially for students who love to compose. The best part is that with a single tap, the student can transform their visual “picture” melody into actual notation. Fab.



Do we every stop learning? I think not. That’s why I love Deborah Rambo Sinn’s clever title for her site that teaches teachers. “Underground Conservatory.” She offers lessons and mentoring for teachers as well as help with MTNA Certification. I bought her book at the MTNA Conference and can’t wait to dive in.



How to cook the perfect eggs. This is serious business, people. Please, no more rubbery-over-cooked scrambled eggs. That’s not how they’re meant to be! It’s called low and SLOW. I sometimes like adding a bit of dijon mustard to my scrambled eggs (prior to cooking). I may even have plans in the near future to have beautifully cooked eggs with my neighbor’s spring asparagus.



So creative – I wish I could draw. My Food Struggle In Pictures: When What I Ate Made Me ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’



Why I don’t cook without my trusty apron. One of my three aprons circle my waist most of the time, but not all the time. How do I choose which one to wear at any given moment? Why, I pick the one that color coordinates with the clothes I’m wearing, of course! Do you wear an apron when you cook?

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